V Charm is a new born brand found by Vanessa Liu, a young designer, in 2014. Its followers are those young ladies from middle class who prefer sweet style garments, and pursue uniqueness. Simple silhouettes and delicate use of color set a woman’s figure off to advantage. Besides, the original prints and good quality materials also make this brand remarkable. V, as the initial of Vanessa, means we, while V.Charm refers to creating fashion with its followers together. The theme of its collections is “Fashion crossover”, meaning getting inspirations from different fields. It believes that though art is beyond the living and influence the origin of design, inspirations of designs are derived from the living. It perfectly integrates art and commerce. Personality yet elegant, simple yet stylish style of fashion taste colored by original prints, its garments also have highly wearable style. V believes that a woman’s choice of fashion not only affects her appearance, but also reveals her attitudes towards life and her pursue of spirit.

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