The Brand “Lifver” is original from a romantic love story between designer Lesley and his lover Lifver, and is titled with the name of his girlfriend.In 2000, the HK designer Lesley was about to finish his academic study for clothing in Italy, and got the invitation from his girlfriend to spend a vacation in her hometown Veneto.In the Casa di Giulietta, standing in front of the “the Wall of Love”, Lifver said to Lesley:“Carissima,to commemorate our love and bless all the sincere lovers, the clothing you design would be titled with my name, Può essere?” “Molto bene.” Lesley answered with smile.After the vacation in Veneto, Lesley went back to his birth place Hongkong, he frequently recalled the wonderful days with Lifver in the Casa di Giulietta , the former residence of Romeo, Lago di Garda, and San Zeno Maggiore etc.He envisaged that Juliet was lifting her skirt with one hand and staring the statue in front of her gloomily. He remembered that there were all kinds of heart-shape pattern painted by hands and plenty of love messages written in different countries on “the Wall of Love” in the Casa di Giulietta.All of these wonderful things made him dedicate to set up a clothing brand to interpret the love story of Romeo and Juliet, and to express his sincere love to Lifver. In 2008, Lifver was set up in Hongkong with the commemoration of Romeo and Juliet and with the love and promise to Lifver.

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