How best to sum LABORON’s collections? In a word, experimental. It was founded by Joyce Lee, an independent Hong Kong designer who lived in Australia and Alex Liu, trendsetter and chief designer. Joyce’s family have been in the clothing business since the 1950s, and as a child she loved playing around with discarded rags, making pieces for her dolls collection. She was brought up by Hong Kong's traditional culture and the influence of Western thought, later graduating from Macquarie University. The designer duo Joyce Lee and Alex Liu are inspired by different arts in different times. “Experimental clothes is what LABORON is about” they say. Based on futurism and minimalism, it combines deconstruction and abstract aesthetic, ignoring the difference between genders, and returns to the existence of the real self. Skirts, jumpsuits, crop tops, coats and pants, they have all basics covered, giving the brand a full completion that feels fresh.

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