Roca is a fashion gentlemen who has high end fashion taste and is filled with art temperament. He has been fond of art design and accessed to art training since his childhood, so that he has his own understanding to aesthetics. After graduation from the major of fashion design, he founded his own fashion brand “KASHAN.JJ” for ladies. The style of “KASHAN.JJ” is fashion, aestheticism and spirituality, and dresses are their leading products. The four themes of this brand are Chinese red, warn knitted, temperament pure color, and beautiful lace. He is dedicated to study urban ladies’ dressing taste to advocate his design idea of characteristic, fashion, variety, classic and high end, so that the high-end art could be penetrated into daily life to make every woman experience the top feeling of art. His works are filled with his own original design inspiration, such as beautiful curve silhouette, exquisite manufacturing processes, high-end market positioning, whose goal is to make a high-end fashion brand for ladies. He thinks that “KASHAN.JJ” should be presented the pursuit for fashionable characteristic, good feminine taste and enthusiasm towards life and work, and never stop to fight for dreams.

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