Winne Ma, the Hong Kong founder of HOWL, has traveled all over the world, visiting more than 25 countries, and 40 cities, which helps infuse an international flavour into HOWL’s styling. Winnie worked as an executive in one of the worlds top 500 advertising companies, assisting international brands such as Apple, Infiniti and Belle with their China market promotion and business development. Having honed her skills in international marketing, her focus now rests on brand and fashion designers. “Design is a broad concept, I see myself as a brand designer, rather than a fashion designer” says Winnie. “Clothing is more of an entry point into the HOWL lifestyle”. HOWL has overturned the ‘designers perspective’, instead delivering ‘effortlessly chic’ style and lifestyle, taking the easy fashion ‘off-duty look’, liberating the joyful moments in everyday life. Winnie’s dislike of the overdressed look has attracted numerous celebrities such as She Shiman, Zheng Shuang, Tan Weiwei, and Wu Mochou, clearly fans of the easy-chic look. With such strong local support, Winnie has sought to use HOWL as a bridge for cooperation with artists and creators all over the world. Winnie believes that “Every woman should have their own character and style and I wish HOWL can inspire them”.

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