Fran was born in a small village of the northeastern China. His parents were farmers and he grew up under simple conditions, regularly helping his father after school. Having seen the laborious life required for a farmer, Fran aspired to do something different from his parents. Fran dropped out of the university in 2003 and began to work as a Production Manager at Shenyang, a local clothing manufacturer that produced trousers for various Chinese clothing labels. While working, Fran started to learn clothing design himself. As a result of her efforts, he successfully created his homonymic woman clothing brand “FEIYZ”, which is based on Chinese traditional embroidery culture and filled with Chinese style, extracting 5 state colors of black, red, green, white and yellow. Combining stylish elements as well as colors and natural fabrics such as cottons, linens, silks and furs, wonderful creativities reveal with delicate handicrafts like embroideries, printing, freehand sketching.

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