Jan is a fashion lady who is filled with confidence and self-discipline. She showed great curiosity in art since her childhood, which made her travel all around to learn and study about Europe style fashion design and manufacturing processes. In 2004, she founded her own fashion brand “DE´LIZZA”. The design idea of “DE´LIZZA” is simple but fashion through special tailoring. According to the three theme of clothing collocation, charming style and youth style, the designs of “DE´LIZZA” is separated into the series of elegant and holiday evening dresses, and city casual fashion series. The design style of “DE´LIZZA” is very distinctive and keeps the balance between fashion and practicability. The clothing of “DE´LIZZA” is always manufactured with the best quality materials. Jan is also good at presenting her design by changeable style, beautiful silhouette and soft lines to make the style combine with simplicity and intricacy between connotation and obtrusive style. She believes in that the clothes designed by her should be high quality and high performance-price ratio to show the temperament of women.

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