AZURE SHEN, a fashionable girl with forward thinking and artistic temperament, being weird and fond of those artworks that are creative and strange. Planting fits her personal thoughts well, and she is strongly interested in fashion designs given girls’ nature of loving beauty. Her fashion creative works were participated in several design competition during university, by which she awarded Excellent Creative Designer. After many years she has worked as chief designer and creative director , AZURE SHEN gave up the stable careers, bravely founding her first homonymic trendy Womens Brand “AZURE SHEN”. The style trends, cutting-edge arts and personalized designs are combined into this original brand so that designers tend to have a sense of fashion, deeper inspiration and excavation on clothing for the reason that. The clothing’ s stylish version and unique styles are full of modern meaning, but apart from that, the independence and individuality emit by light-reflecting space materials, gridding, printed patterns, etc.

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